St Leonard's, East Kilbride
a parish in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Motherwell
Our Lady of Aberdeen, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven,
we thank you for your intercession on our behalf in the past.
With renewed confidence we turn to you again,
asking that you may through your Son help to strengthen our faith
and guide us in our resolve to carry out His will.
We commend to you our Holy Father, Pope Francis, and our Bishops of Scotland,
and ask that you may look favourably on their intentions.
We pray for all the needs of the Church,
that you may bring about unity among men in the love of your Son.
Our Lady of Aberdeen,
we pray for those who rule us; we pray for our neighbours,
our families and ourselves, that the peace of Christ may reign among us, always.
Our Lady of Aberdeen, Our Lady of Good Success,
pray for us.