St Leonard's, East Kilbride
a parish in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Motherwell
You may have seen some documents presented as booklets. This is not the approach that is adopted here, for reasons of ease of use for the viewer/printer. More documents will be added in due course.
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  Act of Spiritual Communion (PDF)
  Arranging a Baptism
  Arranging a Funeral
  Coronavirus Prayer (PDF)
  Fr Chromy's 40th Anniversary Of Ordination (PDF)
  General Election 2017 Statement by Scotland's Bishops (PDF)
  Health And Safety In Our Parish (PDF)
  Holocaust Memorial Day Statement (PDF)
  Knowledge and Reverence Quiz
  Letter From Bishop Toal - 21 Sep 2018 (PDF)
  Letter From Bishop Toal - 2 Mar 2020 (PDF)
  Letter From Bishop Toal - 18 Mar 2020 (PDF)
  Letter Of His Holiness Pope Francis To The People Of God (PDF)
  Novena to Our Lady
  On The Observance Of Holy Days Of Obligation In Scotland (PDF)
  Our Parish Pilgrimage in 2016 to Noblat and Lourdes (PDF)
  Our Parish Pilgrimage in 2016 to Noblat and Lourdes, Part 2 (PDF)
  Our Parish Pilgrimage in 2016 to Noblat and Lourdes, Part 3 (PDF)
  Pastoral Letter and Statement of the Scottish Bishops re. Covid-19 Virus (PDF)
  Prayer for Busy People
  Prayer of Pope Francis for the Jubilee of Mercy
  Prayer to Our Lady of Aberdeen
  Prayers for Grandparents
  Preparing for Marriage
  Reflection on Christian Unity 2020 (PDF)
  Statement On Safeguarding 2020 (PDF)
  Top Ten Takeaways from Amoris Laetitia (PDF)
  World Youth Day Song 2016