St Leonard's, East Kilbride
a parish in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Motherwell
Resources are grouped into three categories: Bulletin, Rotas and Useful Documents.
Before our site went live in May 2013 we considered presenting all of these files in .doc format. We had also considered .docx (briefly) and .pdf and rejected both as not being easily accessible for all users. Here we considered different Operating Systems, different browsers (with different plug-ins) and different computers with different software.
Eventually we decided to use .doc files, but as little as possible. All other files were converted to webpages.
By September 2015 .pdf files were becoming more and more common within our diocese. So we have decided to offer users a choice of formats. We will use both .doc and .pdf, still as little as possible. The contents of the .doc file and the corresponding .pdf file will be the same. Most of other files will continue to be converted to webpages.
.DOC Files
Files in this format are easily viewed by anyone having Microsoft Word, either on its own or as a part of Microsoft Office. For best results please view these files in "Print Layout". If you don't have Microsoft Word, you can still view the files because there are many programs which can read the .doc format. Two popular free solutions are listed below.
  Word Viewer download page   OpenOffice opening page  
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.PDF Files
To view these files the user needs to install a version of Adobe Acrobat Reader appropriate to the device being used. If you do not have this installed on your device already then please follow the link below.
  Adobe Acrobat Reader download page  

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This is presented in .doc format and as a .pdf file. The idea is that after our Bulletin has been compiled in the usual way, it can quickly be put onto our website. We do not want to fall into the trap that has caught many parish websites who fail to update the Bulletin while it is still of interest and relevant.
These documents are all presented as webpages.
Useful Documents
Most of these documents are presented as webpages. In April 2016 we started to include .pdf files in this section.